Do you have to pay for shipping?

If you're in WA, shipping is included. Any state outside of WA will pay for express shipping so we can guarantee cold, high-quality dough! 

Do you use organic ingredients?

Whenever possible, yes! Because we are just starting out, some ingredients are less accessible to us but we are hoping to someday soon be 100% organic.

Where is your chocolate from?

We use fair-trade, organic chocolate from Theo Chocolate in Seattle, WA.

Where are the cookies coming from?

We are based out of Seattle, WA.

Is your cookie dough edible?

Our cookie dough is for baking only! Please do not eat raw cookie dough.

How big are the cookies?

Each of our cookies are about a quarter of a pound each. They're huge.

Do you have vegan or gluten-free cookie dough?

As of right now, no! But maybe someday.

How many cookies come in an order?

8 big cookie dough balls.

When can I buy the cookies?

To start out, we are doing limited cookie dough drops. We advertise the dates on our Instagram, Tiktok, and through our emails. Be sure to follow or subscribe to email list to be the first to know.

What comes with an order of cookie dough?

8 quarter lb. balls of cookie dough, a pack of Theo milk chocolate, and a pack of Maldon Sea Salt to top your cookie to your liking.

How long does the dough last?

Our dough can be refrigerated for up to 3 days before they should be baked, or put into the freezer where they can last for up to 3 months.

Did we miss something?

Email us at hi@gooeycookiedough.com if you have any other questions. Thank you! 🙃